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I would like to thank E-Town for what they produce. It's been a part of my life

for a long time and it is truly a great feeling to be even more of a fan now after visiting. Visit the website for E-Town at Their mission statement is, " Building a better world through music and ideas". What a great way to live life. Thank you E-Town, you deserve many blessings.

If a person grows up listening to a national radio show as a kid and then as an adult gets to visit the venue where on a regular basis it is recorded, it can be considered a dream come true. I guess that's me, I'm a lucky guy. On Jan 21st, for the first time, I got to visit the world famous ETown Hall in Boulder Colorado.  It's a place of deep musical wisdom, and caring hearts of music fans from all over Colorado, along with listeners from all over the country. This show is recorded and performed in front of a live studio audience in a concert setting. With full interviews from hosts Nick & Helen Forester,  they produce a full broadcast right there in front of your eyes, with stories and live performances from Artist like G. Love. Its almost like being in a town hall and the basis of each meeting is music & artist development.  It's fascinating.

G. Love gave a vibrant and laid back performance of songs off his new upcoming album. He is soon to be on tour again with his original band as well as supporting act Kristy Lee. G. Love knows he's in store for a long road ahead. G. love also just spent 5 days in Coast Rica with the likes of Dumpstaphunk, Kung Fu and Zach Deputy at Jungle Jam. What a talented musician and rapper. He's got soul. 

E-Town Hall

A Place of Musical Wisdom

Written By: Corey Rezner

G Love Etown