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corey rezner


Denver, Colorado

Ever since first listening to Galactic's first album at age 14 for the first time on the school bus, Corey Rezner has been a avid music fan. At age 17, straight out of high school, Corey Rezner began teaching himself guitar and over the last 10 years has developed quite the music career playing solo shows as well as many shows throughout the year with his funk band, Rez and The Solutions. Now living in Denver, Corey Rezner plays music and attends shows on a regular basis. His taste in music is spread all over the place from jazz to hip hop to blues and his knowledge in music is wide. Corey Rezner reviews shows and writes a blog that you can find here along with a schedule of his upcoming shows. Check out REZ's CORNER!

Lindsay Kimmel


Aurora, Colorado

She weeble woobles, but she don't fall down.  With over 50 Widespread Panic shows under her belt, Lindsay has taken more than her fair share of amateur photos. Her talent was recognized by her good friend Charity who has given her the confidence to take her photography to the next level.  While Lindsay's musical focus has been panic she has seen and photoed the likes of Moe. , STS9, Keller Williams, Disco Biscuits, Lotus, ABB, Ben Harper, Railroad Earth, Umphrey's Mcgee and many ,many more.  She lives for live music as the trajectory of her life was changed forever the first time she saw Widespread.  She knew she had found her home.  Originally from the South, she is now located in Aurora, CO where she is the Speakers Bureau Assistant Director for LEAP drug policy reform group advocating for an end to the war on drugs.



Lynchburg, Virginia


 My name is Elizabeth, and I was raised on blues, rock 'n' roll, a dash of alternative punk, and the bluegrass of the wild mountains that is my home.  I'm a southern girl. I love the outdoors, and I wish I could say born and raised somewhere, just 'cause I like the ring of it.  But fact is, I'm born in St. Louis, which made me a yankee first, but in my heart I'm a rebel girl raised in North Carolina.    That place captured my heart. I love the forest, I love the river and most of all I love to go hear live music. Actually, almost all my vacations are centered around it and apparently I can't get enough.  According to my mother, I'm completely out of control, and that's exactly how I like it.    My next favorite thing is my camera because its a picture of my world and I love that is so personal - its all about my experience. I love the visual nature, its subjectivity, and I love that its technical. I think it works the other side of my brain, whichever one that is, because I can't feel it. I love to stop time if even for a moment, and to capture something transient to feel again.    I went to college at UNC Asheville which fit me perfectly because its so eclectic. I got my major there in Communications, emphasis on print media, mostly because it sounded like the most fun and I excel at having fun. I learned to appreciate the unusual there, to cherish the arts and to live in the now.   An internship in advertising, a few good jobs later, and here I came to be a wife and a mother. Everything about that is right.  It's funny how when things are going right, when you align yourself with the universe, when everything falls into place, well ...everything falls into place.  So Shoot First asked me to take photographs of the music I love, and to write to you about it.  Its a melding of my three favorite hobbies; photography, writing, and musical improvisation; in a way a melding of me.  And it just feels right. Its all where it should be.    I hope you enjoy the view, I hope you enjoy my words, and I hope it feels right to you. But mostly I hope  you enjoy the sounds because nothing is quite like that moment of righteousness when the guitar speaks to your soul, the moment is there for the perfect shot, and everything falls into place.  Enjoy your moment.  You and I both deserve it. Its over all too soon so hold on to what you can, revisit it in a photograph here and let it remind you of the good times.  Celebrate. Get down. Can't wait 'til I see ya at the show.   ~EMD

charity dEES


Durham , North Carolina

Tarver shelton


Raleigh, North Carolina

Tarver Shelton (41) is an inspiring photographer that grew up on the Gulf Coast. He  captures a lifetime of memories for other eyes to see as well as the future eyes of this world. Learned photography at an early age and was on yearbook staff from 7th-12th ~ Since then Photography has opened many doors in life and the future looks like it will be an endless one, and ready for the adventure. Shelton provides high quality photos and has started to gain recognition both nationally and internationally. Recently, images that had been captured by Shelton were leased to the “Mobile Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau” as well as a Member. Shelton was ranked as one of the 'Top 50' concert photographers to be on the lookout for in 2012 on Concert Photography over the past 7+ years has significantly been my passion and the 'Honest Tunes' that comes along with it. Over those years, Shelton has captured musicians/ musical acts from ~ Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Buffett, Widespread Panic, Phish, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Tom Petty & the Heart Breakers, Karl Denson, Steve Miller Band, Black Crowes, etc. Shelton also spent a couple or so of dedicated years on the road traveling from the Gulf Coast to the Colorado Mountains covering Music Festivals as well. Telluride Blues & Brews 2012 (Telluride, CO) ~ Hangout Music Festival 2010-2013 ~ Bear Creek 2010-2012 ~ Wanee Festival 2011-2012 ~ BUKU 2013 ~ New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2013 ~ and several more through the journeys. Over this time, Shelton has been featured online quite a few times at as well as was published in Relix magazine a couple or so times as well, one which took 2nd place in a New Years Eve photo contest. (The photo was John Bell of Widespread Panic) ~ Recently, Shelton's photos were published in a book that was put together by Peter Conner's called 'JAMerica' (is a dual book/documentary film project. It will tell the story of the roots and evolution of the jam and festival scene from the people who know it best: musicians, fans, journalists, concert promoters, and so forth). Shelton, was published in 'Access' boutique magazine for the Mobile Mardi Gras season of 2013 ~ He has also been published in Steppin'Out, which is a circular distributed monthly around the Mobile, AL area. It was also time to take on new innovative fresh ideas that Charity Dees and Shelton discussed about the Future of the musical industrial world and from that brought forth “Shoot First > Ask Questions Later”. Which is a website that is dedicated w/ “Working with Musicians ~ Bands ~ Venues ~ Festivals ~ New and Upcoming Inspirations ~ Shoot First > Ask Questions Later~ Will Have You Covered in Notes.” Shelton is always thinking of ideas and other ways to entertain the captivating mind and it really shows.